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Supported Employment

The Branching Out Supported Employment program offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to gain vocational skills and workplace experience. Our staff support individuals to identify, obtain, and maintain long-term employment that best matches their skills, talents, and interests.


Individuals receive training and support to learn the necessary skills of their job.


Our staff will support the individual in advocating for their rights in  the workplace and ensure they are treated fairly and have access to equal opportunities.

Waiter Serving Coffee

Ongoing Support

Continued support is provided to both the employee and the employer after the individual has been placed in a job.

Community Integration

These services air to integrate individuals with disabilities into the community, fostering social connections and a sense of belonging through employment.


Assistance is provided to arrange for workplace accommodations, such as job coaching, to ensure the individual can perform their job tasks effectively

Our Goal

The goal of supported employment is to enhance the individual's independence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life by enabling them to participate in the workforce.

Questions about Services?

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